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How to complete any DA Form 31 online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Leave address on da 31

Instructions and Help about Leave address on da 31

What's up guys welcome back to my channel my name is Kavya J Sutton here he's a prior the United States airman we're gonna be talking about the reason that he got out of the Air Force no I I haven't fully made my video talking about the reasons why I got out and your situation is way different than mine way different do a lot of people know just for warning for this video if you guys would go ahead and just drop a like on the video for support because there's probably gonna be a lot of people that dislike this video for what we're talking about J already knows that he understands that you got to keep an open mind when it comes to this video everybody has their own reasons for doing things thanks first off for being willing to talk about this cuz you're the first person I've even heard of yeah I'm a military for this reason I wouldn't even know what to do if somebody in my section was doing like getting out for that reason so it's gonna be a pretty crazy topic but I hope you guys appreciate Jays openness with this talking about it and just being honest with you guys and everything and and it's not anything like super bad necessarily but some people that are extremely pro military which might be a lot of you guys that are joining might not understand or get it but just know kind of talk back and forth when he starts to get on about his story it's okay to have different opinions so your opinion is not wrong if you're like well I don't like that he did this but then just keep in mind that his opinion is also not wrong you guys are two different people so just keep that in mind let's go ahead and just get it out there what was the basis that you got out of the Air Force for I got out of the Air Force as a conscientious objector so pretty much that means that you oppose military participation for religious or moral reasons and I was more moral than religious okay so you weren't doing it as in I'm this religion in my religion is against whatever that wasn't on your submission when you requested to get out for conscientious objector no so it was more of just a moral thing so what what did that mean when you're saying moral conscientious objector my military participation didn't sit right with me morally great example if you've brought up religion mmm-hmm morally I don't agree that I feel that people in America and in other countries use religion as a tool for war mm-hmm so that's why mine wasn't on the terms of religion because I think religion is used in war outside of money and other things yeah so morally I just oppose it on a lot of different viewpoints a.

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