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Leave address on Da 31 Form: What You Should Know

To get a DA Form 31, you need to be issued a Form 31, by your chief of staff. It is a requirement of the Army, and it is issued to all officers. In most cases, the chief of staff will sign your DA Form 31 and issue it to you. The main requirement of the DA Form 31 is to verify that you are a member of the Department of the Army and are entitled to the leave without pay. You need to sign for yourself and the person under your instruction to authorize the leave, indicating that you possess a leave authorization, which you are to carry before the appropriate authorities in the place that you intend to leave. You will need to provide the date on which you intend to leave and any appropriate reason for your leave. The DA 31 will be returned to the chief of staff, who will forward it by first class mail to your unit. If, however, you have a medical emergency or are otherwise disqualified from military duty — such as being a convicted felon or physically unfit for service — then you will not be eligible for the DA Form 31. The reason? Your leave authorization. When you receive a DA Form 31, it is helpful to follow its instructions carefully and to answer the same questions you would answer if you were filling out a Form 31, except the date for which you are requesting leave. The DA Form 31 provides some information about your military history. The DA Form 31 must have both the date of birth and the full military branch and unit number on it. For your DA Form 31, it is wise to follow the instructions carefully so that you will receive a copy without error, and that the dates are accurate. Incomplete DA Form 31s are not accepted. To avoid receiving incomplete copies, you will need to complete the DA Form 31 exactly as it states and return it to the issuing officer. Please, do not write any dates other than the actual date of your leave (such as “1-6-16”), unless an officer requests that you do so, or unless the officer will accept it as the actual date of the leave. If your actual date of your leave on your DA Form 31 is not stated, it will be incorrect. Do not confuse this date with the date you will return to duty.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Leave address on Da 31

Instructions and Help about Leave address on Da 31

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